Assembly on "Say No to Plastic" performed by Grade IV Takshila


"Say No to Plastic.” Students of class 4 Takshila performed an assembly titled 'Bye Bye Plastic' on Friday, 6 September 2019. It highlighted the immediate and imperative need to ban the use of plastic. Beginning with the news and the thought for the day, the students went on to perform a skit enumerating the various ways in which plastic has already damaged our ecosystem. Marine life, plant life and humans- everybody has become a victim to this toxic product. Students provided alternatives to avoid the use of plastic. The skit was concluded with a poetry recitation on the harmful effects of plastic. The Principal applauded the students for their initiative and urged them to take steps to eradicate the use of plastic from their lives. Students who won Inter School events were also felicitated in the assembly. In the ‘Litspree’ competition held at Billabong high International School, we won the First Position in the ‘Tech Connect’ event. The winners were Aadya Sharma and Shaurya Sood. In the ‘Arguably the Best Debate’ competition, we bagged the Second Position. The winners were Amika Agarwal, Laasya Raghuvanshi and Rishita Talwar. The awards for Best Student, for the month of August and WOW class were also given. The school anthem marked the conclusion of the assembly.