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Subject Showcases

STEAM showcase was organised by the students of classes III-VIII on 22-23 October 2019 in the school premises. The students integrated the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics and confidently presented innovative and interesting projects. The students worked with gusto and enthusiasm to become problem solvers by designing a Blindman’s Stick, Smart Dustbins, Smart Cities, Automated Watering Systems, Robo Soccer, Floor Cleaner, Path Finder Bot. They found STEAM in Tessellation, Fibonacci Series, Tall Structures, Toys from Trash, Hydraulic Structures. The art displays representing various artists were mesmerizingly praiseworthy.

TED Ed. showcase was organised by the students of grades VI-VIII on 20 February 2020 after 4 months of exciting journey and mastering the art of delivering impactful TED Talks. The TED Ed. club has been created with the aim to spark and celebrate the idea & knowledge of teachers and students around the world.

Public Speaking Showcase was organised on 15 February 2020 where the students of Project Awaaz displayed plethora of activities and gave a glimpse of the nuances and art of public speaking and critical thinking that they learned in a year long journey.

Subject Weeks

  • Literary Week was organised for the students of grades III-VIII from 13-17 May, 2019. The week focussed on activities such as poetry writing, comic strip making, book cover designing and puppet show that helped the children hone their critical thinking, speaking and creative skills. At the end of the week, students showcased some of these activities before the parents. Competitions such as Spin a Yarn, English recitation, Tete-a-Tete with the Author and Hasya Kavi Sammelan enthralled the audience and kept them hooked till the end.
  • EVS Week was organised by the students of grades I & II from 17 – 19 July, 2019. The focus of the week was to sensitize the students about the conservation of water and to reflect the history of India. During this week, students found themselves delving into research, collaborating ideas and presenting their thoughts before one another. They participated in the activities such as collaborative poster making on ‘how to save water’, researched on the monuments of India and presented their ideas collectively in the classroom, navigated through the streets of India on Google Earth. The week ended with the students pledging to use water judiciously and spreading this message in the school through their ‘Save the Water’ drive. They also participated in ‘My Country, My Pride’ competition and represented different states of India to showcase its famous cuisines, wide number of languages, colourful accessories and its major attractions.
  • EVS and Social Science week was celebrated from 18th - 20th July 2019 for classes III-VIII. It gave an opportunity to children to get involved into a gamut of fun-learning activities enabling students to engage themselves into social science research to exhibit the diversity of various cultures and their relevance in today’s time. It emphasized on the nuances of creating and making social science a subject that goes beyond the classroom learning.
  • LVISNE celebrated the reading week ‘Read-a-Thon’ on the occasion of International Literacy Day from 9 - 15 September, 2019 for all classes. The aim of the week was to highlight the need of building opportunities for individualized reading at all stages and promote a culture of reading habits among students. Students carried out various activities during this week like Book Cover Designing, Book Mark Making, Reinvention of the Stories etc. Students and teachers also took part in Book Donation Activity.
  • The Pre-Primary wing organised a Sports Week ‘Fit-a-Thon’ for classes Pre-Nursery - II, from 4 -16 December, 2019. Students participated in various track events and were guided & encouraged by the teachers present. Loud roars of applause were heard, as students cheered for their peers. Happy faces filled the field as the prize winners stood proudly to accept their certificates on the podium.

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