Dear Ma'am

We just wanted to reach out to you all today, and let you know how amazing a job all of you are doing. These days of e-learning have allowed us parents to observe the efforts put in by all of you from close quarters. We appreciate how you've tirelessly ventured out into this whole new world, reaching out to the kids with patience, warmth and love. We are so so grateful.

It's a joy to have the class end and hear our daughter say, "I have the best teachers ever".

As they say, it takes a village to raise up a child... Thank you for being a part of our village, for being real life superheros.

We are so grateful to have chosen LVIS to partner with us in bringing our children up.

Thank you!

Radhika and Sarvesh, Parents of Saumyaa ( grade 3 Alex) and Raghu ( grade 6 Zeus)

Dear Ma'am

Appreciate all your hard work which you have carried through these difficult times. Be it weekends I am always filled in with some or the information/activity charter from your side. It's even more challenging to go against the pattern and do something new and yet to make it meaningful! It's not easy what all you and LVIS staff is doing. Your visible efforts to keep students and parents engaged while ensuring the learning curve stays strong, deserves a salute!

Thank you and wish we all come out much stronger.

Give my heartiest gratitude to your implacable leader Principal Ma'am, under her leadership everything is carried seamlessly, its evident how much of planning and thoughtfulness is behind all of these actions.

Kamal Sahdev (Yesha's Father)

Good morning 😊 ma'am

Happy Independence Day🇮🇳🙏🏻

It was really great show and really great to see sooo much efforts put by the teachers to compile it....three Cheers to kids and All Lotus Valley Teacher's


Thank you...Ma'am. It was wonderful assembly today. Thanks for your effort and I really appreciate the efforts made by all the teachers in conducting online classes. Happy Independence Day.

Father of Aashish Gupta- Grade 3-Alexander

It was a great show, despite being virtual the enthusiasm and spirit of the day was intact.... showed efforts of kids and teacher and a live example for kids how to overcome an adverse situation and think of an out of the box solution rather than sulking about a situation. Teacher's and kids both worked hard and it was showing ....the performances were awesome ....just like a live show and seamlessly woven into a video.....thank you ma'am ....I was looking at you during the video ....it was a face of a dotting teacher proud of her students ....you are a perfectionist....it was only for you that Tiana gave so many retakes.


Thank you for giving Laasya a chance to be a part of this wonderful assembly. A big thank you for guiding all the children so well and do patiently.


I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Principal and teacher's of LVISNE for all the efforts you have taken to make this 15th August 2020 Assembly such a positive experience.The spirits of each and every students to fight this Pandemic was visible in the performance of Instrumental music and in dance performance.I appreciate the hard work by teachers as we have seen just how much they do and how their passion for instrumental Music and dance helped the students learn and grow in to a better, compassionate Human being.

*Deep gratitude again*

Parent of Aaron chopra, Class 8 Aryabhatta

Respected Ma'am,

It is an honour to have my child part of your prestigious school. The pedagogy being used to educate the child is very different from her previous school. The challenges created through assessments, work sheets and above all tricky questions for sure is very essential for my child's development. I see Rashi ready for the olympiads. She now communicates a lot in english. She shares everyday the new knowledge that she has gained. She is always excited for the assignments and quizzes.

Special mention to you for understanding my concerns and the suggestions that you gave, we will for sure work on them.

Just perfect... no need to improve... though that is important.

You all are doing great job. Keep it up.

Thanks and Regards,

Kunal, Father of Rashi Parashar, IV Nalanda

We are happy how the school has maintained its education standards during the lockdown. A lot of activities are progressing just like normal classroom times.

Teachers are handling the virtual sessions very well. They're able to keep the students engaged and ensure they're understanding the subject during the online class. Thank you for your efforts.

Jaspreet and Harsimran (Japnoor's parents)

I really appreciate, you all doing great efforts and very supportive, friendly, hats off to you all teachers of lvis ,I am very much satisfied and happy

Aryaveer's mother, IV Takshila

Very good experience with this school, done a wonderful job.

Tanish – Nursery Lavender

Very happy with the way PTM organised this time. It gives comforts as a parent to us because school management listen to our feedback and implement.


The teaching pattern is really wonderful and modern. I felt that there is something really amazing in store for my son’s future.

Ashi/ Tarsh – Nursery Lilac

More than satisfied with my kid performance and progress. Happy to be a part of LOTUS VALLEY SCHOOL.

Grisha - I Robin

We are very much satisfied with the class teacher approach of teaching pre nursery kids

Athrv Garg- Pre Nursery


Abhishek – KG Rose

Way teachers interact with kids is really good. My kid is happy going and coming from school. Teaching method is also very nice.

Vihaan – Nursery Lavender

A nice start of life’s journey of my daughter, Hope that this will go on.


Very nice presentation during PTM, very happy with the support and cooperation provided. I am feeling proud that our son is a part of this atmosphere.

Aarnav singh- VI

Really happy & elated to see the difference in behaviour and personality of my wards Aarit (KG - Jas) and Avirat (KG- rose) in such a short duration. Highly grateful to the teachers & all staff for their efforts.

Thank you for taking care of our kid. Very Proud of LVIS (Greater Noida). Staff & Principal madam are very good. Keep it Up !!

Varun Dhall

Really Appreciate the school efforts to organise it. Looking forward for more such activities. Proud to be part of LVIS family.

Neha Gupta (mother of Aashvi)

Dishita Nursery- very nice school with all the facilities with experienced teachers.

Excellent :) Appreciable very happy to be a part of Lotus Valley school.

Thanks Alka

Kanisk is enjoying very much in class. proud to be a part of Lotus valley. Hope to get more cooperation from school / teachers

Kaansk Kumar

Anaysha Nagar (Pre - Nur) - I am really satisfied by this school for the efforts they put on each and every students.

Uma Nagar & Amit Nagar