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Experiential Learning

New Initiatives


At LVIS,NE Abacus curriculum has been designed with a mission to implement high quality mental arithmetic based educational program to maximize children’s mental ability. With the help of countable beads children learn to perform arithmetic calculations such as addition and division. This helps students aged 4-13 years develop skills such as multitasking, time management, memory, concentration and problem solving.

TedEd Club

TedEd Club is an initiative started from October, 2019 for students of Grades 6-8. This club promotes critical thinking, communication and presentation skills in our students and gives them an online platform to spark curiosity and share ideas from around the world.

This club provides following opportunities to our students:

  • To connect with students from different backgrounds, cultures and countries around the world
  • To support students in their learning skills such as making a presentation to an audience and public speaking
  • To work with a generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers and innovators to make the world a better place

Astronomy Club

Astronomy Club helps open newer horizons for our students by providing them with proper resources and information about celestial objects to spark the curiosity and ignite a spirit of enquiry in the budding astronomers and scientists of the future. The knowledge and information in this field is so vast that there is no dearth of how much more one can learn about the Sun, the Moon, the Solar System and the far away galaxies. The children get to explore and try out new ideas, foster innovation and nurture creativity in the field of astronomy.

Project Awaaz

The school has collaborated with Project AAWAAZ from the academic session 2019-20 onwards. This initiative not only helps the children to learn public speaking skills but also contributes towards their overall personality development. The Project Awaaz sessions focus on important aspects of public speaking such as expressions, body language, gestures, voice modulation, tone, and eye contact. The children learn these through exciting activities and fun games.

International Collaborative Learning

In this era of globalization, there is an increased interdependence on the exchange between different countries for varied cultures, economies, policies and innovation. Under this initiative, in October 2019, our school collaborated with Mashrek International School in Jordan with an objective to establish an international exchange of experience and dialogue to be able to tackle global issues. This aimed at stimulating young minds and enabled the learners to develop and establish strategic policies and practices even at the local levels. The session was made possible over a Skype Video session where grade IV children got to learn a lot of new things!


STEAM enables the students to systematically think through problems and apply the information they learn about technology and engineering to find the best solutions. By experiencing trial and error, learning how to take risks and figuring out how to think outside the box, students get away from the commonly used approach of applying a known method or formula to solve a set of problems in a step-by-step way and rather learn through experiential learning and discover how something works, how to build it, and how to fix it.

Discover India

This project is launched for the students of grades I-III. The programme inculcates research skills in the students and helps them learn about their motherland through art work, discussions, videos, presentations, cuisines, etc.

Impact Programme

The programme has been introduced for classes Nursery-VIII to provide scaffolding to students to bridge the gaps in learning. Teachers adopt students and identify their socio, emotional and academic requirements and take appropriate measures to impact a positive change.

Integration of subjects with Art and ICT

ICT Integration

Information and communication technology has changed the way we think, work and live. The students use technology to make life better for the mankind. From research to flipped classrooms; from coding to designing; from using softwares for teaching and learning to using online tools of assessments, ICT is an intrinsic and integral part of our curriculum.

Art Integration

Creative thinking underlines the learning process at LVIS, as it enthuses, excites and engages every learner as well as sparks their innovative thinking. In order to reinforce the concepts and theories learnt in the classrooms as well as to help our students enjoy the academic learning process, we integrate various art forms such as visual art, creative movement, crafts, drama, storytelling etc. with the subject content.

Flipped Classroom

To make children the architects of their own learning and to hone their research and presentation skills from an early age, they don the hats of teachers and present lessons in their classes.

Peer Learning Programme

The school, in an endeavour to empower students and impart leadership, started the initiative under which students from senior classes with their teachers provide mentorship to their juniors through life skills peer learning programme.

Language Showcase held on 19.01.19

Lotus Valley International School. Noida Extension organised the third language showcase in French, German and Sanskrit on 19th January 2019. The French and German students demonstrated their language proficiency by singing the song "My heart will go on” from the movie “Titanic”. They also recited rhymes in their respective languages. Sanskrit students recited Shlokas and explained their meaning. They also sang the song 'Dil hai chota sa' in Sanskrit. The Principal in her address said that learning a new language is looking at life from a different perspective and opening new horizons of understanding. After the musical event, the parents were invited to taste a few dishes from German and French cuisines prepared by the students. Everyone enjoyed the show and appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers.

ART SHOWCASE held on 29.9.18

Lotus Valley International School Noida Extension offered a visual feast to the Parents on 29th October 2018 with the Art Showcase. It was a colourful & vibrant display of the artistic talents of students in various fields of creative arts including painting, sketching, shading, quilling, origami and doodling. Children also set up their own ‘Doodle Store’ which exhibited Creative doodling by students on different mediums like Shoes, T-shirts and other clothing items. Children also drew inspiration from the works of famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Mario Miranda and tried their hands at their artwork. The colourful hues and creative displays spread cheer in the hearts of the onlookers.

EVS/S.SC WEEK 2018-19

“Educating the mind without educating the hearts is no education at all” Aristotle

To kindle the fire of discovery and let our little Lotusians turn ideas into reality and imaginations into facts, LVIS NE, hosted the Social Science/EVS Week for classes III-VII, from 6 August 2018 to 11 August 2018. This week witnessed a plethora of exciting activities and competitions that further helped in developing a spirit of curiosity and discovery in the children. These activities ranged from solving crosswords with letters from scrabble, building landforms with play dough, ramp walk with eco friendly clothes, making model of earthquake resistant buildings, flipbook- Finding myself on the Map, ‘If I were an animal’ to book tasting. The week provided the children a myriad of opportunities to think ingeniously.

The EVS/S.SC week was concluded with a prize distribution ceremony. The Principal, Ms. Indu Yadav felicitated the winners of various competitions organized during the week, and also, motivated them with her words of encouragement.

Exhibition on Rainy season

With an aim of creating opportunities for children to learn through hands-on experience, Pre Nur-KG organised an exhibition on Rainy Season where-in different objects used in rainy season were exhibited. Children enjoyed the activity with great vigour and enthusiasm.

Language Week- Language is the light of the mind - John Stuart Mill

Language week was organized at Lotus Valley International School, Noida Extension from 12-20 July, 2018 with great gusto and enthusiasm for the students of grades III-VII. It was marked by several activities and competitions that provided learners’ opportunities to engage, explore, enjoy and learn the languages experientially. These activities included Word Maze, Shabdon ka Jaadugar (Hindi), Spin a Yarn, Kahani Buno Shirshak Chuno (Hindi), Word Sudoku, Natya Manchan (Hindi), Tete-a-Tete, Feel the Beat, What’s the Good Word?, Inter House Doha Recitation Competition, Inter House Debate Competition and many more. The language week encouraged every student to participate and experience the power of words.

The Language week was concluded with a prize distribution ceremony. The Principal, Ms. Indu Yadav felicitated the winners of various competitions organized during the week, and also, motivated them with her words of encouragement.

Parliament House Visit Report

Students of grades VI and VII visited the Parliament House as part of their experiential learning. The trip included visit to the two Houses - Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, the Central House and the Museum. All through the visit the students were guided through the official staff of the Parliament. They learnt about the history of the Parliament and the detailed procedure of the legislative body i.e. how the bill is discussed, how the members are seated, how the voting is done and calculated. In the Central House they learnt about the Constituent Assembly and The Draft Committee.

They also refreshed history of their motherland when they visited the museum. It was a brilliant showcase of India's rich heritage, freedom struggle and many artifacts of the British era. They saw the foundation stone of the Parliament building. The students interacted with the officials and had an enriching experience.

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